Lala &ce – No More Time

We had the unique opportunity to bring to life the vivid and intricate world envisioned by directors Mohamed Sqalli and Marvin Leuvrey and to help visualise a modern dystopia dominated by the oppressive regime, La Ligne, set against the vibrant resistance of Le BUT (Bloc Unificateur du Tropique).

Seamlessly blending visual effects with practical elements, We employed a mix of CGI and real-life footage to depict a world where the totalitarian regime's stark, cold aesthetics clash with the rebel group's warmth and resilience.

Performed by Lala &ce
Written by Lala &ce
Composed by Skar and Phazz
Produced by Phazz
Mixed by Clément Caritg at Studios Noble
Mastered by Clément Caritg at Studios Noble

Artist: Lala &ce
Director: Marvin Leuvrey
Director: Mohamed Sqalli
Art Director: Mina Lazarevic
Production Company: Purple Martin Studio
Post Production: Purple Martin Studio
Editor: Fleming Mason
Colourist: John Lowe
Local Production Company: Beef Productions
Executive Producer: Joseph Radonich
Production Designer: Abi Ford
Assistant Producer: Siona Davis
Production Assistant: Mateen Ismail
Line Producer: Vukota Antunovic
Line Producer: Jovan Vukasinovic
Props Master: Rajko Bakic