SuperBlimp is a multi-award-winning Creative Production Studio specialising in photorealistic & stylised 3D animation, visual effects, visual storytelling, concept development & immersive, managed by our director, Antonio Milo.

At our heart, we’re a group of passionate directors, combining decades of experience in advertising and entertainment. Working with some of the industries top talent, we’ve earned a strong reputation for sharp, focused and compelling work. Projects include work for innovative brands DJI and Dassault Systems to entertainment experiences for Derren Brown.

We believe in challenging tried and tested story conventions, finding new and interesting ways to excite and inspire the audience with visceral imagery and meaningful stories.



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We treat our clients’ work in the strictest of confidence, especially where Non-Disclosure Agreements are involved. We can, however, reveal a few of the many prestigious brands we have worked with over the years. See our Showreel for a taster of the work we have done for them, Get in touch to discuss your project requirements and how we can help.

Our Clients