DJI Mavic 2 Launch Video

For the launch of DJI's new Mavic 2 drone, we created a series of CG and VFX segments for their launch video, this required the different features of the technology product to be shown through the use of photorealistic close-ups, exploded views, beautiful cinematography, VFX compositing, concept development and full production of feature film quality CG environments and robots.

CG Breakdowns

Mavic 2 Drone Asset Development

Concept Development - Corridor

Concept Development - Laboratory

Concept Development - Robot Arms

Approved Robot Design Development


Art Directors: Antonio Milo, Fabrizio Fioretti
Executive Producer: Tom Ireson
CG Leads: Antonio Milo, Fabrizio Fioretti
VFX/CG Artists: Francesco Buttarelli, Nunzio Bitetti, Iskander Mellakh, David Rencsenyi
3D Animators: Matt Morris, Nicolai Marcher
Compositors: Antonio Milo, Fabrizio Fioretti, Nunzio Bitetti