Convincing people with stunning VFX

We have extensive experience in delivering for independent directors, agencies and global brands and are always working to achieve your vision. We can help you throughout pre-production and on set providing creative and technical guidance and support.

Post Production & VFX

Whether it’s adding full CG Vehicles/products to a live scene, making fluid freeze in space and time, matte painting & shot enhancement, or combining a variety of footage, 3d animation and effects, we have the expertise to deliver.

For Dassault systemes, we helped with the production of the Explore promo video, which featured a yet to be built surveillance drone. This required for us to create a 3D Asset of their Drone prototype and then place it within several shots, one shot in particular required the drone to take off from a grass field. This meant we had to model and simulate grass and dirt for its take off.

  • We created the drone from prototype CAD data.
  • One shot required for us to completely replace a field of grass, and simulate the grass being affected from the drone as it takes off.
  • A sequence required for the drone to be contructed from all of it’s componets in mid air.