PR & Marketing Manager

It’s an exciting time at the SuperBlimp Studio.

We are gearing up for a new level of output, with several large-scale projects due to start over the coming months and many more in the pipeline. In addition to this, we have written and storyboarded an original piece of creative content to go into production soon which we think will grab a lot of attention.

In 2012, Antonio brought his knowledge and experience of the industry to share with a few handpicked artists, and the SuperBlimp Collective was born. The team has grown, but only ever selecting highly talented and experienced industry professionals to work with. We now have a strong network of specialists in every field of CG, but we would like to apply the same approach to our marketing and bring in someone who can help move our client base to the next level.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual who would be able to work with the high-quality creative content we produce and make sure it is getting seen by the right people. As well as using our established channels, we would expect to see you use your initiative and find new outlets with the aim of building our brand as well as generating leads and bringing new clients to the table. As you settle into the role, we may also give you the opportunity to make use of our team of artists to create original content and build new marketing strategies.

The role would be full time, but hours can be flexible and a good amount of the work can be done from home, and sometimes out on the road meeting people and attending events. We would be open to a part-time applicant with the right credentials and attitude.


  • High level of knowledge and interest in digital media
  • Experience in B2B marketing
  • Excellent use of language, both verbal and written
  • Good working knowledge of the Adobe suite
  • Excellent understanding of various social media platforms
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively from home
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Creative drive and passion for the 3D Arts
  • Ability to travel to the Studio as often as required
  • Calm, polite, focused and easy to work with


  • A recent role with similar responsibility
  • Proven track record and case studies of marketing campaigns you have been part of
  • Qualifications of any kind related to marketing, advertising or PR
  • A decent home workstation setup
  • Wider knowledge of computer programs and editing packages
  • Knowledge of other related areas such as expo events
  • Active social media profiles with regular and recent posts

If the above sounds like it might be you, get in contact with us now. There is no closing date, but the position will be open only until we find the right person for the job. This role would suit an experienced professional, but we are also open to offers from highly motivated people with the right skills looking to get their career started. We are an equal opportunities employer, if you have what it takes we want you here no matter who you are or where you come from.

Apply via email to

Please provide a CV and cover letter and any supporting documents you would like us to see.

Limit attachment sizes to 25mb or less. Links to content will be accepted only if hosted on a reputable, secure site such as Dropbox or Google Drive.