Junior CG Apprentice

It’s an exciting time at the SuperBlimp Studio.

We are gearing up for a new level of output, with several large-scale projects due to start over the coming months and many more in the pipeline. In addition to this, we have written and storyboarded an original piece of creative content to go into production soon which we think will grab a lot of attention.

In 2012, Antonio brought his knowledge and experience of the industry to share with a few hand picked artists and the SuperBlimp Collective was born. The team has grown, but only ever selecting highly talented and experienced industry professionals to work with. We now have a strong network of specialists in every field of CG, but we would like to make an opportunity for someone who has the potential but maybe not yet the experience.

We are looking for someone who would hone their eye for detail and learn from the best, while putting their own skills to work on real commercial assignments. Once we have got you trained up and working well, we would like to see you getting a little more creative with our original content. This is a full-time role based in our main studio in Reading, UK so you will need to be able to get here, but hours may be flexible and some work from home may be possible after a few weeks of seeing how you work. The contract will be for 12 months, subject to probationary period and quarterly review but if that goes well we will would be keen to look at ways we can keep working with you, or help you out however we can on your way to something new


  • High level of knowledge in one or more of the following programs – Maya, VRay, Nuke
  • Good working knowledge of the Adobe suite
  • Desire to improve skills and work well with constructive criticism
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Creative drive and passion for the 3D Arts
  • Ability to travel to the Studio as often as required
  • Calm, polite, focused and easy to work with


  • A recent showreel
  • More in-depth breakdowns of a piece you worked on
  • Qualifications of any kind related to 3D or VFX work
  • A decent home workstation setup
  • Wider knowledge of computer programs, coding and hardware
  • Knowledge of other related subjects such as film-making, graphic design, typography or audio.
  • Good portfolio of personal creative artwork, including work in other media

If the above sounds like it might be you, get in contact with us now. There is no closing date, but the position will be open only until we find the right person for the job.This role would suit a recent graduate, but we are also open to offers from self-taught artists or people looking at a change in career. We are an equal opportunities employer, if you have what it takes we want you here no matter who you are or where you come from.

Apply via email to hello@superblimp.co.uk
Please provide a CV and cover letter and any supporting visuals you would like us to see.

Limit attachment sizes to 25mb or less. Links to content will be accepted only if hosted on a reputable, secure site such as Dropbox or Google Drive.